What is the Office on Aging?

The Office on Aging is the designated “Area Agency on Aging” created in 1965 by the federal Older Americans Act to be the lead advocate, systems planner and facilitator relative to all aging issues on behalf of all older persons in the “local planning and service area” (Orange County). Through funding received by the state and federal governments, the Office on Aging either directly provides or contracts out to other service providers many senior programs, such as home and congregate meals, case management, medicare counseling, information and assistance, health promotion, elder abuse prevention, ombudsman assistance, etc. Additionally, the Office on Aging provides a range of functions related to advocacy, planning, coordination, inter-agency linkages, information sharing, brokering, monitoring and evaluation to insure effective, comprehensive and coordinated community based systems for older Americans. There is a particular focus on providing service to those who are underserved, due to cultural, economic or language barriers.

The Office on Aging is a department within the Orange County Community Resources of the County of Orange and, as such, receives additional funds from the County to provide for operational needs.

What is your address and phone number?

Information and Assistance Line
800-510-2020 or 714-567-7500*
*if you are calling from outside of Orange County, California
Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.

We also accept walk-ins.

1300 S. Grand Avenue
Building B
Santa Ana
CA 92705
How is your office funded? Are there any fees for services?

The Office on Aging receives money from the state and federal governments to administer programs and serve as the lead advocate, planner and facilitator relative to all aging issues in Orange County. Some operational funding is received from the County of Orange.

Information, referrals and assistance are provided free of charge. The programs that we fund or other services we refer you to may have charges associated with their services

Do you provide information in multiple languages?
Yes. We have staff and volunteers in-house who are fluent in Spanish and Vietnamese, and we have a Language Line that brings a live person (interpreter) on the call who speaks your language (one of over 250 available). We also have some of our literature available in Spanish and Vietnamese.
What is required to participate in some of your programs and services?
Some programs and services have qualification and fee requirements while others are free. Please call us and we will connect you to the program or service that best meets your needs.
How to I register to learn about your programs and services?
Please call 800-510-2020 or 714-567-7500 (if you are calling from outside of Orange County, California) and one of our Information Specialists will assist you. There is no registration process or fee to make the call.
What other information and services does the Office on Aging provide?

We have information on the following kinds of services:

Adult Dare Care
Bereavement/Burial Assistance
Case Management (Care Coordination)
Dementia Support
Disability Services
Emergency Hotlines
Financial Assistance
Home Modification/Repair
In-Home Services
Legal Services
Senior Centers
Veteran’s Services

You may get further information by going to the Guide to Services Section of this website or by calling 800-510-2020 or 714-567-7500 (if you are calling from outside of Orange County, California).

Do you only provide information about services in Orange County?
Yes. Our focus is on meeting the needs of the Orange County older adult population. However, we can also connect you with an Information and Assistance program in other counties and areas and they will provide you with specific services in that area.
What is the Senior Citizens Advisory Council? How is it related to the Office on Aging?
The Senior Citizens Advisory Council (SCAC) consists of forty older adult volunteers who advise the Board of Supervisors and the Office on Aging on matters affecting this population. There are three standing committees (Legislation, Health/ Nutrition and Housing/Transportation) that meet monthly as well as a ten-member Executive Board.
How can I volunteer to help you help seniors?
There are many opportunities to volunteer to help older adults in Orange County. Please call our Information and Assistance line at 800-510-2020 or 714-567-7500 (if you are calling from outside of Orange County, California) and ask for Volunteer Opportunities. You may also go to the Volunteer Opportunities section of this website.
May I refer seniors in need to you?
Yes, please do. When we are able to talk directly to the person in need of services or their caregiver we can better assess their needs and provide appropriate referrals and services. We also welcome walk-ins.
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