Speakers Bureau

The Office on Aging provides a network of professionals and knowledgeable volunteers who are trained and available to speak at no charge to any community group. The mission of the Speakers Bureau Network is to educate and empower individuals to enhance the quality of life for older adults. The Speakers Bureau Network has speakers who are prepared to shed some light on various topics and to give some tips on aging successfully -- and perhaps to share a smile about the inevitabilities of advancing years. Some of the common topics that members of the Speakers Bureau network can speak about are listed below.

"Oh, My Aching Feet" Frailty Syndrome Prevention

Memory loss medication & management

Adapting Your Home To Your Needs Fraudulent Medicare Billing Metabolic Syndrome: Risks & Prevention
Advance Care Planning Fraud relating to Social Security Administration Issues

Miscellaneous Specialty Areas (Business Issues)

Alternatives to Surgery & Prescriptions Getting Organized

Mobility Aids: Safety & Maintenance

Advanced Health Care Directives Governmental/Administrative

Orientation, Mobility Basics, and Human Guide Training

Applying for Financial Programs Health Insurance Counseling

Overall Services from Dayle McIntosh Center

Applying to In-Home Supportive Services Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP)

Perpetrated Scams on Seniors & Persons with Disabilities

APS-Elder Abuse Healthy Living for Your Brain & Body Practical Facts of Home Safety
Arthritis overview Home Disaster Preparedness

Preparedness Essentials

Asset Protection for you, your spouse, your kids Home Fire Safety

Probate Avoidance

Business Issues Home Fires Protection from Medical Identity Theft
Caring for Someone with Late-Stage Alzheimer's (3 Part Course) How to Clean with Green Products Reporting Suspicious Billing Issues
Caring for Someone with Mid-Stage Alzheimer's (3 Part Course) How to Help A Hoarder In Your Family Senior Drowning Prevention
Chronic Diseases and Medications Used to Manage Them How to Live with Vitality Your Entire Lifespan Seniors and Safe Driving
Cleaning out the Clutter

How to Pick A Cleaning Company to Ensure Your Safety

Services for Seniors in Orange County
COVID-19: How it Attacks and What You Can Do How to Speak Dementia Someone I know has Early Memory Loss: How Can I Help?
Dementia and Alzheimer's Basics: What You Need to Know Immune Rejection: How & Why Spending time with People with Dementia: Making Activities Engaging and Enjoyable
Dementia Conversations: Driving, Doctor Visits, & Legal & Financial Planning Incapacity Planning: What Are the Best Legal Tools? Surgery: Pros & Cons
Disaster Preparedness Incontinence Solutions The 10 Warning Sings
Disaster Planning for Seniors (This Topic requires 6 weeks advanced notice and 20+ confirmed attendees to schedule a presentation) Inflammation: Causes, Treatment & Prevention The Sleep & Brain Health Connection
Disease States and Medication Keeping your Brain Healthy and Lowering Your Risk for Cognitive Decline The Stress & Weight Gain Connection
Drowning Prevention Legal & Financial Planning for Alzheimer's Disease Torts
Drug Interaction with Prescription and OTC Medications Legal Workshop Understanding Alzheimer's & Dementia
Earthquakes Library Services Understanding and Responding to Dementia-Related Behaviors
Effective Communication Strategies Living Forward After the Death of a Spouse Understanding Changes in Behavior Expressions in People with Dementia
Elder Abuse Living with Early Memory Loss (3 Part Course) Understanding Communication Changes in People with Dementia
Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Meal Time & Dementia Care Understanding Vision Loss
Estate Planning Medicare Vitamins, Minerals and Dietary Supplements
Fall Prevention Medicare Fraud Walker Etiquette
Fall Prevention in Seniors Medication Management What Your Gut is Trying to Tell You
Fire Safety

Medication Safety

Flu overview


Wills and Trusts
Food as Medicine for Immune Health

Medication Scams

Workplace Fire Safety

  If you would like to schedule a presentation from the list above, please call the Office on Aging Info Line, (800) 510-2020, and ask for the Speakers Bureau Network representative.