SOAR Speakers Bureau

    The Office on Aging provides a network of professionals and knowledgeable volunteers who are trained and available to speak at no charge to any community group. The mission of the SOAR Network is to educate and empower individuals to enhance the quality of life for older adults. The SOAR Network has speakers who are prepared to shed some light on various topics and to give some tips on aging successfully -- and perhaps to share a smile about the inevitabilities of advancing years. Some of the common topics that members of the SOAR network can speak about are listed below.

    Medication Management

    Disease States and Medication

    Heart Disease


    Stroke Prevention

    Holistic Pain Management

    Holistic Health Options and Where to Find Them

    Healing Herbs in Your Kitchen

    Memory Loss or Alzheimer’s?

    Coping with Dementia

    Alzheimer’s Resources for Families

    How to Speak Dementia

    Balance and Fall Prevention

    Treatments for Vertigo

    Current Topics in Orthopedic Physical Therapy

    Medication Safety

    Disaster Planning for Seniors
    (This topic requires 6 weeks advanced notice and 20+ confirmed attendees, to schedule a presentation)


    Getting Organized


    Elder Abuse

    Domestic Violence

    Safe Options for Seniors

    Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP)


    Health Insurance: Scams, Schemes, Frauds and Betrayal of Trusts

    Social Security

    Healthy Aging: Lessons Learned from the 90+ Study

    (This topic requires 6 weeks advanced notice to schedule a presentation)


    Estate Planning

    Beyond the Basics of Estate Planning: Leaving a Legacy for your Children

    Long Term Care Insurance

    Women and Investing

    Retirement Planning

    Tax Strategies

    Probate Avoidance

    Incapacity Planning: What Are the Best Legal Tools?

    Asset Protection for You, Your Spouse, Your Kids

    Wills and Trusts


    Caregiving Issues

    Caregiver Resource Center

    How to Speak Dementia

    Alzheimer’s Association: Resources for Families

    Sensitivity Training (for those who care for the elderly)

    Choosing an Elder Care Community

    Choosing and Training Your Health Care Agent

    Meal Time and Dementia Care

    What is Geriatric Care Management?

    Services for seniors in Orange County

    Council on Aging: Orange County Program and Service Overview

    Orange Caregiver Resource Center

    County of Orange Adult Protective Services (Elder Abuse)

    County of Orange Older Adult Mental Health Services

    Alzheimer’s Association: Resources for Families

    Advance Directives

    Hospice Care

    POLST (Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment)

    Living Forward After the Death of a Spouse


     If you would like to schedule a presentation from the list above, please call the Office on Aging InfoLine, (800) 510-2020, and ask for the SOAR Network representative.